4 Ways to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets on your driving record don’t ever really work in your favor, so why risk the extra few miles on the accelerator when you know you will eventually reach your destination? A speeding car indicates three things:

A- You have robbed a bank or a car.

B- You have poor time management skills and you are hurrying to your destination.

C- You have really poor driving skills.

Whatever the case maybe, it never reflects nicely on your part.

What’s worse is that you end up getting later than usual because you get pulled over by the cops and end up getting a speeding ticket. An average speeding ticket costs no less than $250-300. Therefore your speeding plan becomes counterproductive as it wastes more of your time and your money as well.

But if you are still pressed for time and want to quickly move along the traffic without breaking the law or risking your life, here are 6 ways that you can drive and not get a speeding ticket:

Stay in the middle

Avoiding the cop’s radar is not easy but when there are a whole bunch of cars driving at a high speed, the car the radar is going to pick up is the one that lead the group. Therefore, if you just stay in the middle, chances are you won’t get stopped and pulled over by any cop and you can always adjust your speed before the cop can even come to you. The cars that will be noticed are the ones in the front and the back and since you are going to be in the middle, you can consider yourself safe.

Drive within 10 mph of the traffic around you

The traffic police are often on the lookout for those cars which are generally driving ahead of the other cars, so even if you are driving fast but you are slower and within 5-10 mph of the traffic around you, you won’t be stopped over for a speeding ticket. If the cop has to choose one driver, it will always be the one that is ahead of everyone in a fast traffic.

Don’t try to stand out in the traffic

You don’t want to be that driver on the road who gets cussed at by everyone on the road now do you? Changing lanes often, tailgating and overtaking are not only rude but also dangerous. You don’t know when the other person is also trying to switch lanes or if someone reports your car on the road. Minding your driving manners is also a very crucial aspect when you are on the road.

Avoid the fast lanes

It is always best to stay in the middle lanes because it gives you a neutral stance on the road. You can easily move to any other lane if you are in the middle and avoid any disruptions caused by you in the traffic. People who usually get speeding tickets are often in the fast lanes so by being in the middle you will be safe most of the time.

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