Top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws in America

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In Alaska its illegal to strap a dog to your roof! | Comedy Traffic School .COM

You’ve been to driving school, so you’ve learned that traffic laws can save lives. Most of them. Traffic laws are no joke! We expect you to take the following traffic laws as seriously as you would take a person driving with a dog tethered to the roof of their car, which leads us to the first entry in our list of 10 strangest driving laws.


1. It is illegal to drive in Alaska with a dog tethered to the roof of your car. If you have too many dogs to fit inside of your vehicle, you should be driving your sled. If you own so many dogs and do not own a sled, you should really consider buying a sled.

2. It is illegal to wear a blindfold while driving in Alabama. The fact that this law is unique to Alabama may lead you to believe that it is acceptable to do so in other states. Don’t be fooled!

3. It is illegal to use the road as a bed in Eureka, California. Eureka! What an idea!

4. It is illegal to jump from a car going over 65 miles per hour in Glendale, California. 64 miles per hour is an entirely different story.

5. It is illegal to store trash in your vehicle in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Since throwing it out the window is littering, which is also illegal, you’re going to have to burn it. Immediately.

6. It is illegal to spit from a car or bus in Marietta, Georgia. If you feel the need to spit, you’re going to have to do it from a truck. No, really, it’s okay to spit from a truck in Marietta, Georgia.

7. It is illegal to play in traffic in Dunn, North Carolina. You take that game of checkers elsewhere, mister!

8. It is illegal to cross Minnesota’s state line with a duck on your head. If you’re crossing from Minnesota into Wisconsin, that law also applies to chickens. We’re not kidding.

9. It is illegal to shoot whales from a moving vehicle in Tennessee. Yes, Tennessee. We don’t like to condone illegal activity, but we’d really like to see you try.

10. It is illegal to ride an ugly horse in Washington. We’re not worried, we know you wouldn’t be caught dead on an ugly horse.

 The top 10 Weirdest Traffic Laws are brought to you by Comedy Traffic School .com.