Designated Driving Lanes

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Special Lanes for Special Vehicles | Comedy traffic School .com

There are special vehicles on the road that require you to be extra cautious and lower your speed for. These vehicles may be traveling in regular traffic lanes or in designated lanes to aid in their travel.


Emergency vehicles

When you meet ambulances, police cars and fire trucks with steady burning red lights displayed to the front and sirens sounding, you shall yield the right-of-way and immediately pull over to the right and wait until the emergency vehicle has passed.


Recreational vehicles-

Recreational vehicles are harder for drivers to handle than cars because of their size and weight. Allow an added margin of safety if you encounter one, especially in a strong wind. Remember that its driver has limited visibility to the rear and to the sides.


Maintenance Vehicles-

Road work involves vehicles of many sizes and shapes with the potential to disrupt traffic. Drivers need to be alert to such vehicles and adjust their speed and position to accommodate sudden moves.