Learn Defensive Driving Techniques

ComedyTrafficSchool.com Learn Defensive Driving Techniques
ComedyTrafficSchool.com Learn Defensive Driving Techniques

Be alert and don’t assume that you know what other drivers will do. It’s important to always keep your eyes moving. Don’t become fixated on one single object. Something else could be threatening danger, a danger you cannot see. Focusing on the car in front of you, a pedestrian walking by or even a traffic signal are all fixations that can kill.

ESCAPE TECHNIQUES When you least expect a collision to happen is when it usually will. To avoid possible danger, always look for a way out. Predetermine what you will do if a car in front of you slams on their brakes. Make sure you always have room to maneuver and give yourself a place to escape. Stay alert to potential problems and keep in mind where you are in traffic and what it would take to slow down, turn, or even stop.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING Emphasis is on avoidance and prevention of collisions, by being alert to possible problems. Scanning traffic patterns for problems; road and weather conditions; visibility (day vs. night, speed reducing peripheral vision, fog, etc.): danger areas (i.e. intersections); speed and stopping distances, reaction times, etc.; vehicle condition and maintenance (tires, brakes, fluid levels, lights, etc.).

DRIVER DISTRACTIONS There are many factors that can distract a driver on a road. Identifying distractions and not allowing them to affect a driver are vital to collision prevention. A driver should always be aware of road hazards and road conditions. There are numerous locations in particular that you should watch for trouble, here are just a couple:

School zones

Construction zones

Animal crossings

Pedestrian crossings


At times, you will need to look away from the road ahead. Pick a safe time to look away and then return as soon as possible. Distractions must be kept at a minimum with the driver focused at all times.

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