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Special Speed Limits


The speed limit is 15 mph when you come within 100 feet of a railroad crossing and you cannot see the tracks for 400 feet in both directions. You may go faster than 15 mph if the crossing is controlled by gates, a warning signal, or a flagman.                                                                       

Around children:

Always drive more carefully near schools, playgrounds, and parks because children may suddenly dart into the street. Near a school, the speed limit is 25 mph while children are outside or crossing the street. No matter what the speed limit sign states, you should never drive faster than 25 mph when the school ground has no fence and children are outside.


  • Sometimes lower speed limit signs are placed near schools, so look for them.


  • Watch for bicycles and pedestrians near schools.


  • Look for school safety patrols or school crossing guards and obey their directions.

·      Look for stopped school busses. Be prepared for children crossing the street. Some school busses flash yellow lights when the bus is stopped and preparing to let children leave the bus. This is a warning for you to prepare to stop. Flashing red lights mean you must stop immediately before passing the bus from either direction until the children are safely across the street and the lights have stopped flashing. The driver of a vehicle upon a divided highway or multiple-lane highway need not stop upon meeting or passing a school bus that is upon the other roadway.




Signs warn you that you are approaching railroad tracks. Look and listen for trains in both directions. Be ready to stop if necessary. You should expect a train on a track at any time, day or night. Never stop on a railroad track. Usually by the time a train sees you it will be too late for it to stop. When traffic is heavy, wait off the tracks until you are sure you can drive over them without stopping. Watch for vehicles that must stop before crossing the tracks such as buses, school buses, and large trucks transporting hazardous loads.


Railroad Crossings


Flashing red lights at a railroad crossing mean STOP! Stop at least 15 feet from the tracks when:


  • A person or signal warns that a train is coming.
  • You see a train coming.
  • You hear the horn or bell of a train close by.


Never start across if there isn’t room for your vehicle on the other side of the tracks. Don’t go ahead until you can see clearly in both directions because there may be a second train coming from either direction. Do not go around or under any closed railroad gate. Cross only when it is safe.