5 Fun Facts about Florida

Florida, the Sunshine State is one of the most populous states in the United States and this is not everything that the country has to offer. Apart from being a sunny state, Florida is also host to a number of crazy, fun and mind blowing aspects that you may not likely know about. And hey, we’re here to amend that. Here are some fun facts about Florida that you may love (or laugh at):

Fun Fact # 1: About a Thousand People Move to Florida Each Year

Everybody loves Florida. So much so that they are willing to leave their hometowns and volunteer to sell their souls (figuratively—don’t judge us) to the state of (mostly) eternal sunshine.

And how much is this number?

According to Will Weatherford, a thousand.

This just shows that the warm, sunny days and the prospect of a happier atmosphere is just the thing you need to have in a

Fun Fact # 2: Your Refrigerator has its Origins in Florida

Is this really surprising to you? We mean, who else could invent a cooling device which ensures that the food does not go bad, than someone living in Florida?

While the warm days give a nice tan, they also increase the chances of food fermenting and getting bad.  And the dire need for ice. Dr. John Gorrie debuted his ice-making machine on Bastille Day in 1851, amidst a cheering group of people looking forward to drink chilled wine.

Fun Fact # 3: Florida is Home to Golf Courses

Florida has officially more golf courses than any other state in the country. With more than 1300 courses and World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Augustine, it is needless to say that Florida is heaven to all golf lovers.

Fun Fact # 4: Florida is the Largest Producer of Oranges, Tomatoes, Watermelons, Strawberries and Sugar

Most people are familiar with the fact that this state is the largest producer of high quality oranges, 90% of which go into juice-making.

However, not many know that Florida is also the largest producer of strawberries,





and sugar.

So, yeah. Sugar, sunshine and an endless supply of fruits? That’s Florida for you.

Fun Fact # 5: No More Parallel Parking in Florida’s Driving Test!

The Florida driving test has updated, and it does not include parallel parking anymore. However, the new drivers still need to pass other tasks to reveal their competency on the road. These tasks include:

  • Back up the car without looking into the rearview mirror (turn your head, instead).
  • Follow the signs safely.
  • Park straight in a parking spot with the car centered.
  • Shift the gears smoothly.
  • Signal your turn 100 feet before you make it.
  • Stay in the right lane.
  • Stop the car quickly and safely.
  • Turn about your car in a small space (30-40 feet).