5 Life saving driving tips

Driving a car can be the most liberating feeling in the world but it can also be traumatizing. It all depends on how you drive it. Even though you might be the best driver in your town but there are certain road safety tips that you must follow that will not only save you from speeding tickets but will never put your life at risk on the road.

Here are the top 5 lifesaving tips that you must follow.

Chuck the phone away

All it takes is one text to end a person’s life. It could not be stressed enough but using your cell phone while driving can do you more harm than good. Gone are the days when people thought they looked cool with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand over the phone on their ears while driving. Hands-free were made for a reason. It is a serious driving offense to be using a cell phone while driving. If you have to make a really important phone call then you always pull over and do it. No call or text is worth risking your precious life.

Avoid listening to fast paced music

Music has been known to affect our moods greatly and so it can either work for or against us. When it comes to driving, always choose relaxing or fun type of music. The volume also needs to be low enough not to distract your or bother the drivers next to you. If you listen to fast music, there are higher chances for you to speed as well. It might not be intentional but music indirectly makes your driving worse. Listening to fast music excites a person, the heart rate goes up and you feel like amping up your speed and driving fast.

Pay attention to the traffic more than the signs

It is important to read the road signs but it is more important to monitor how the traffic is flowing around you. You never know that there might be a car collision ahead and you have to take a detour in advance to save yourself from getting stuck in traffic. Monitor other drivers as well if they are tailgating or changing lanes often. Avoid these cars and stay away from them as much as possible.

Always have your headlights on

No matter what time of the day it is, it is important that you have the headlights on. It is always a good idea to have your car visible to other drivers. During cloudy or foggy weather during the day, the car lights always come in handy from keeping anyone coming too close to your car. Limiting your headlights to only evenings or nights is not a good idea. They should also be used if it is raining because it can blur out the visibility of other cars.

Don’t drink any hot beverages while driving

Having your morning coffee or evening latte might be your daily staple but don’t drink them while you are driving. You never know when it might spill and you might end up having an accident just because you have been burned by the hot drink.