5 Signs You Are a Bad Driver

Getting a driver’s license might qualify you to drive a car but that doesn’t prove that you are a good driver. Anyone can be a good driver at the DMV but once they have the license and the keys in hand, it’s all a cake walk for them and they get relaxed about the traffic rules and driving laws. That is why there are traffic schools that give them a refresher course in driving and road etiquettes.

If you think you are a good driver then go through the following list and ensure that you are right, because who knows you could be wrong.

You love to multitask

Multi-tasking is indeed a great skill indeed but leave it for home and your workplace. When you are on the road, your soul purpose should be to focus on the road and keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times (except maybe to scratch your head or something). No police officer is going to be impressed with your eating skills, texting while driving feats, putting on makeup at a traffic signal or picking up a call without using hands-free. Just one traffic ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars and one text can cost you your life.

Parking in a no-parking zone

There are certain people who still park when there is a NO PARKING clearly written. That doesn’t stop them and then they end up wondering why their car got towed away or they had to pay a penalty. There is a reason why cars are not allowed; therefore, defying the law is not going to land you in the house of fame for cool people. Another important place not to park is the handicap zone. Really? You are going to take a parking spot meant specifically for person with extra needs just so you couldn’t find one for yourself?

Speeding up on yellow lights

A yellow traffic light is there to prepare you for the green light and tells you to proceed slowly and with caution. Most people just start accelerating before the light even turns green. Everyone has important places to be and you are not the only one. If you find yourself speeding too often then it shows that you don’t manage your time efficiently. The only place you will end up visiting is the court (whether online or in person) to pay your speeding ticket fine.

Ignoring the blind spots

You would be surprised how paying attention to blind spots goes such a long way. It is important to look ahead on the road but you should also monitor your side and rear view mirrors for any blind spots that could make you end up having a collision.

Your family or friends offer to drive

If you always find that your family and friends are way too courteous enough to offer themselves as drivers even if you haven’t taken any drinks, it’s a sure sign they are horrified by your driving skills and want to reach the destination in one piece.

Are any of the above situations common with you? If not then you are on the road (no pun intended) to success if not then join a traffic school as soon as possible.