5 things that happen when you don’t know how to drive

If you are 17 and above and you don’t know how to drive then what are you waiting for? Your life can get a whole lot easier once you learn how to drive. It is one of the first things that make you feel independent and transitions you into adulthood.

If for some reason you still haven’t learnt how to drive then there is always the option of going to a driving school. Here are 5 reasons that would make you consider learning how to drive as soon as possible:

1. You are dependent on your family or friends to drive you everywhere

If you don’t know how to drive then chances are you will be bothering the one of your family members or friends to drive your everywhere. Now of course that does not mean that you should never ask for a ride or go carpooling but always depending on them to drive you everywhere is going to become burdensome to them. What if they are tired, busy or simply not in the mood to drive anywhere? In fact they would wish sometimes that you could drive them for a change. Therefore, you should aim to be someone they could call for help or a ride instead of the other way round. If you are 17 and older, then it’s high time you should start taking driving lessons.

2. You can’t have control over the music

One of the perks of sitting behind the steering wheel is that you are the master of the music system in your car.  You can listen to whatever music station you want without anyone else meddling in your fine DJ sessions. Your car = your rules.

3. You won’t get hired

There are certain jobs that won’t hire you simply because you don’t have your own means of transport. They would require you to drive to other places for some work and you will be asked during interview if you can drive.

4. Public transport can drain you

Going through the crowd and the hustle and bustle of everyday public transport can take a toll on you. You are not sure whether you will get a good seat on the subway or bus home or how long you would have to wait to even get into one. You just don’t want to hail another taxi or call another Uber driver anymore because it ads to your expenses a lot.

5. You can’t enjoy the thrill of driving by yourself

There is just something about driving alone on the open road with the wind blowing through your hair and your favorite song on that can’t be replaced with anything else. You will never get to experience it unless you learn to drive. Sometimes you need to clear your head and go for a drive, other times you just want to drive through the city lights and feel calm. Whatever the reason is, driving for pleasure is one of the things you really enjoy once you learn it.

Unless you are Amish we don’t see why you can’t be driving or owning a car so join Myimprov driving school today and you will be sitting on the driver’s seat in no time.