5 Things That Make You a Better Driver

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced driver who has been cruising along in all sorts of vehicles for decades, or a newbie who just passed the Driver’s Ed class, there are certain things that you must do to become an awesome and responsible driver.

Getting behind the wheel can be either daunting or easy as a piece of cake depending how good or bad you are at driving. If you want to make sure you never end up getting a speeding or parking ticket that will may costing you hundreds of dollars and put a dent in your driving record then make sure to do the following:

Keep all distractions away

Keep your phone on hands free, don’t text while driving, keep music on a low volume or avoid any other thing that might distract you from driving and keeping your eyes on the road.

Mirror Mirror

Always monitor your surroundings through the help of your side and rear view mirrors. Position them in such a way that they give you  the best possible view of everything and you don’t have to turn around or look sideways a lot.

Park it like you own the parking lot

Simple driving and turning is what anyone can do, but the real driving test comes when you can park your vehicle with precision and accuracy. Parallel parking is another nightmare for many people and even the most experienced drivers can’t quite master it perfectly. But it is not difficult or impossible once you get the hang of it.

A skilled driver is the one who can park like a pro and own the parking lot. Just make sure to pay for your parking space before leaving; otherwise, you can get a hefty fine in the form of a ticket. Make sure to read the parking timings in order to prevent this from happening.

Keep your hands on the steering wheel

It is not simply about keeping your hands on the steering wheel but it is also about placing them at the proper position in order to drive smoothly. An ergonomically correct position for your hands can be achieved by following the hands of the clock. Follow the 8 and 4 or the 9 and 3 position as opposed to the earlier 10 and 2 position. Lowered hands on the steering wheel give more control and your hands don’t get tired either. This way, you can keep on driving for a longer period and the muscles in your hands won’t be as tense.

Go to a driving/traffic/defense driving school

If you are new to driving and you want to ensure that you have got all your basics done and be taught by experienced professionals then a driving school will be exactly right up your alley. If you already know how to drive but made some driving mistakes such as getting a speeding ticket, and want to reduce your ticket cost then a traffic/defense driving school is the ideal choice for you. But why go to a yawn fest for a driving school when you can join Myimprov where we teach you driving through comedy and fill up the class room with laughs.