5 Things to Never Do While Driving

Licensed drivers might have learned all the necessary skills to be on the road and their hands must be quite adept when handling the steering wheel but there are still many things they do that might be dangerous for them. Thousands of car accidents occur annually in USA just because the driver was not focused on the road or had some other activity going on simultaneously while driving.

Multitasking is a great human trait but that shouldn’t be the case while driving unless you are on the passenger seat. Many driving schools only focus on teaching you how to drive well but they forget to emphasize on the things that you shouldn’t be doing while driving.

If you think you know it all when it comes to driving, then think again and check if you don’t do any of the following driving no-nos:

Using Your Cell Phone

You would be surprised to know that texting and calling (without hands-free) is one of the leading causes of deaths in the country.  Why risk your life for a call or text that you can entertain later? Even if it is very important, surely it isn’t more important than your own life, now is it? You can always pull over and make that important call and then get back on the road again safely.

Looking Sideways Or Behind

There is a reason you have a side view and rear-view mirror. You don’t need to turn around or look on the side when you are driving. Don’t develop a habit of checking out who is on your right or left side because not only it is rude but it also distracts you from your main activity i.e. driving. Just keep your eyes focused on the road and  use the side or rear-view mirrors.

Doing makeup

This one is for the ladies out there who think that a quick touch up while driving or waiting at the traffic signal is a good idea. NO, it isn’t! Please don’t risk your life for that Mac lipstick or that Laura Mercier powder on your face. Looking your best is important but bruises and bleeding don’t look good on a face either and that is what exactly happens if you are applying makeup while driving.

Taking Selfies

You might not be talking or texting on your cell phone but if you are taking your pictures to show how cool of a driver you are then you are in for a rude awakening. Not only will you be pulled over by the cops and be given a hefty fine, but you will also be risking your precious life all for the sake of a couple of likes on Facebook or Instagram. You know when you should take a selfie? When you are safely parked on the side!


It is against the law in many places to be eating while driving and rightly so. Food is a major distraction for a driver. Other than that, it is just best to pull over, finish that tuna sandwich, clean your hands and get back on the road again. Eating food in the car usually has a chance of dropping or spilling and if you are busy looking down and cleaning up, there is a high possibility of an accident.