5 ways to be a better parker

It is not good enough just to be the perfect driver but you have to be skilled at parking your car. Many people can claim to be the king of the road when they are driving but the true test of a skilled driver comes not on the smooth turns or changing lanes but parking perfectly in the street or parking lot. If you are not really a good parker then you can polish up your skills by going to a driving school.

Here are 5 ways you can be a good parker and own the parking lot every time you looking for a good space for your car:

1. Scan the entire parking space

The first step to become a good parker is to immediately find a good parking space for your car. Good drivers are quick to analyze and scan spaces for their cars and they exactly how much space is required according to their car’s size. If you are fast at finding a good spot for your car there won’t be any cars lining up behind you nor will be lurking around the parking lot in circles looking for a decent spot. Your time won’t be wasted and you will easily walk away without worrying about getting towed or getting a parking ticket.

2. Know your car and the surrounding areas

Good drivers know each and every aspect about their cars. From the size to when it is acting a bit dodgy; they treat their cars like their babies. It is not only important to know about your car but also the surrounding areas where you are about to park it. Check for any other big objects like shopping carts or bushes that might damage your car. Avoid colliding with other cars or going over the pavement as well.

Always be on the lookout for any person or animal around that you could end up hurting. You don’t want to live with a bad conscience or a lawsuit for the rest of your life.

3. Be careful hen opening the car door

After you have parked your car you should also be careful as to not to keep yourself or others in danger. Observe for any other cars, cyclists or people passing by before you fling open your door. Exiting your car cautiously should always be your priority. Park your car in such a way that your car door doesn’t touch the other car on the side when you open or open it just enough that you can securely get out without scratching the surface of any of the cars.

4. Practice makes perfect

Practice parking in difficult places every week and have somebody come along with you to help you out. By polishing up your parking skills, you won’t dread trying to fit your car in those tight spaces. Parallel parking can put even the experienced driver in a panicky mode as well so if you are a novice at driving just practice as much as you can.

5. Join a driving or traffic school

If you have found yourself on the verge of despair with your poor parking skills or a couple of parking tickets, then fret not because you can learn it in no time at Myimprov.