5 Wrong Things That People still do While Driving

So you know all about driving and the general no-nos that you can’t drink and drive or use a phone to text or call anyone while driving. But there are still certain things that many drivers don’t know or at least ignore while they are driving.

Driving might seem easy but it comes with a lot of responsibility. You not only have to ensure your safety but also of the passengers in your car and other cars on the road. Here are 5 things that are illegal or are close to illegal that people still do while driving:

Smoking (if kids are there)

If you are driving and taking a puff of your cigarette every now and then, it is fine but it is not permissible if there are children in the car. The windows are almost always closed when there are little kids and they shouldn’t be breathing the same air that is filled with harmful toxins from the smoke.

If you get caught with smoking while there is a baby at the back, then be prepared to get a fine and a ticket.

Honking without an actual purpose

The car horn is there to alert a pedestrian or another driver of your presence but it is neither cool nor appropriate to honk for any other reason. Also, just because you know someone who is also driving next to you or ahead of you, you don’t have to honk to attract their attention. You will be distracting so many people with your road antics like this.

Splashing people on the sidewalk

In many countries including the UK, it is against road laws to splash pedestrians with your car. It doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not, you get fined there. Although it is not illegal per se here in the US but it can be considered as an assault or offense if someone gets hurt and chooses to press charges. They can take down your car’s number and report you for doing so. What if it’s an elderly person or someone who got something in their eye along with the water? This habit is quite prevalent among teens who think its ok to have a little fun and splash people on the sidewalk.

Taking prescription drugs

It is not just alcohol that you have to worry about to be classified under DUI but prescription drugs as well. Certain medications have clearly specified it on their bottles to not use any kind of heavy machinery (including cars) after taking them. Prescription drugs usually have muscle relaxants or a drowsy effect that can cause the mind to become less aware of the surroundings. So, if you have just popped a pill but realize you got to be somewhere, just order a cab or let someone else drive.

Having a dirty or blurry number plate

It is against the law to be driving a vehicle with the number plate not clear in sight. You can be stopped over by the cops and be questioned about it. Therefore, you should ensure it is clean or replace it if it is broken.