How Can I Get a Copy of My Driving Record

Want to obtain your driving record? The process isn’t difficult, but depending on where you are located, it may be a little time consuming.

Your driving record, also referred to as your Motor Vehicle Report or MVR record, is actually important, and so you should be aware of what’s on it and what isn’t.  Generally, your driving record contains details on your traffic violations, accidents, convictions, suspensions and license expiration.

Ideally, your record should be absolutely clean, but if you have received any traffic tickets, that probably won’t be so. A clean or nearly clean record can help you secure low rates for insurance, and may even be required by your employer, depending on the nature of your work. What if your record is bad? Well, the DMV would start reevaluating you, and may even end up suspending your license. Yup, we’re sure you don’t want it to come even close.

So let’s get out your driving record, and see where you stand.

Visit the local DMV office

Is there a DMV office near you home? Probably the most accurate source of checking your driving record.  Go visit the office, and see if you can obtain a copy of your driving record. It should have your history listed for the past 3 years, maybe even more at times. You’ll probably have to show your licenses, and in some cases, even pay a small fine. Certain states require you to submit a written request as well.

Check the website

Go to the DMV website, and see of if you can find the link that states driver’s license check or driver’s license status. Provide the required details such as your date of birth and social security number, after which you’ll be able to see you points.  As for checking the driving history online, that again depends on where you are. Some regions allow it and others don’t.

Contact a third party

For states where the process of obtaining a driving record involves written applications, you may want to contact a third party. They’ll submit all applications on your behalf after taking required information, and then get back to you with your points.

Talk to your insurance agent.

Generally, insurance companies can pull out your driving record, so talk to them, and they might provide a copy. It might not be certified, but it’ll still give you all basic information that you need such as your traffic violations, accidents and relevant dates.

So is there a mistake?

Generally, that won’t be, but if you do find a discrepancy, you can get it fixed at the Secretary of State.