Don’t Do These 4 Things before Driving Your Car

Excellent driving is one of the most underrated skills in the world. The whole road dynamics can be changed even if there is one unskilled driver among the traffic, so you can imagine how important it is to be skilled behind the steering wheel.

There are certain things you can’t do while driving and then there are those things that you shouldn’t do before you even set foot in the car.

Here are the 4 things that absolutely never do before hitting the road:

Alcohol or drugs

You don’t want to be that irresponsible driver who gets fined for a DUI (driving under influence). You are not only risking your life but of others inside your car and the ones on the road as well. Do you know that the overall average cost of a DUI ticket is over $6,000? It can go even higher depending on how you were caught and if there were any damages done as well.  If you are at a party then always appoint a designated driver to drive you back home or limit your alcohol intake. You can always call a cab driver  to drive you home or stay over at your friend’s, but never drive on the road when you are tipsy.

Losing sleep

Drowsy driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the US. In 2013, there were over 72,000 car accidents solely because the driver fell asleep while driving. You don’t want to sleep your way to a car crash, now do you?

Drowsy driving also puts others at risk as well. Get your required sleep and make sure you are fully alert and aware of everything before you start driving. If you feel that you can’t stay up any longer then just pull over somewhere safe and nap if you have to. Go get some coffee, splash some water on your face or put on loud music in the car. If you have someone else with you in the vehicle then engage in a continuous conversation to stay awake.

Being tired

This might seem like it is the same as being sleep deprived but it is different. When you are tired, you are also moody, anxiety-stricken and it seriously affects your driving skills. You feel sleepy and don’t feel like driving as well as lose focus on the road. Being tired always makes you distracted from the main task at hand. So, if you have had a long day at work or are stressed about something, it is better to ask your friend to drive you or do some mind relaxing exercises before you start driving. You can meditate quietly for 5 minutes in the car before driving so that you are relaxed and mindful.

Being angry

Anger is natural and you can’t control it but if you have to drive some place then make sure your head is cool. Often, overwhelming and intense emotions such as anger just blur your decision making skills even if you are the most responsible driver. It can make you drive aggressively, ignore traffic rules and even get into an accident. Calm yourself and keep yourself focused on the road.

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