Driving Etiquettes That Everyone Must Know

Driving can be fun and relaxing for many while it can be stressful or tiring for others, but whatever mood you are in, just make sure you are a considerate and polite driver. A good driver doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is a polite one because there are people who can be quite annoying on the road. They might not be breaking the law per se, but they definitely get on other people’s nerves.

Driving etiquettes must always be maintained as often times, they also prevent you from getting fined such a getting a speeding ticket. Road rage brings out the worst in people so you don’t want to spoil your driving record by doing any of the following:

Going too fast

Going fast risks your and other people’s lives and is a serious crime on the road. So, if you don’t want to end up paying at least $350-600 and, not to mention, have a bad driving record then don’t drive past the mentioned speed limit. Driving fast is not going to get you any place faster than a minute or two. What’s worse is that once you get pulled over, your time gets wasted even more by dealing with the cop, defeating the purpose of speeding.

Going too slow

If you thought going too fast was the only offense, then think again. Going too slow is also very annoying and you create unnecessary traffic as well. People will honk and cuss at you and even show some rude gestures with their hands if you are driving slowly.

Cops will eventually pull you over and test you for DUI and question you for a long time as to why you were being slow. Unless you are driving in the suburbs or near a school, there should be no reason for you to be driving any slower than the normal speed limits.

Making way for emergency vehicles

It is required by law to give way to emergency struck vehicles such as ambulances, paramedics, and firefighters.  Don’t be the insensitive driver on the road that is refusing to budge and give space for an emergency case.

Stay in your lane

Staying in your own lane and not changing it often for no reason is the sign of a good and considerate driver. Nobody likes anyone who is constantly changing the lanes just to get ahead. It is not going to get you much further and you will end up with the same traffic eventually. Just be patient and move along with the rest of the cars.

Don’t honk like a maniac

You wouldn’t want people honking at you from behind, right? It is annoying and distracts you from driving so why do the same to others. This is not to say that you shouldn’t honk at all if need be, but give the other drivers some time and space before they make any changes.


Driving too close to someone’s car is not only invading their personal road space but it is dangerous as well. If they suddenly make a break then it is sure to cause a collision.

Ignore other rude driver’s

If others are being rude to you then it is best to just ignore them and move on. Engaging in someone else’s road rage will not do you any good.