Driving with kids in the car

Kids are always a test for you when it comes to everything, but for driving, it becomes increasingly difficult because they are quite impatient. Who wouldn’t be if they are kept in a seat all buckled up for a long time? Here is how you can handle those little tots while you are driving:

Safety first

If you are travelling with babies and kids then it is very crucial for you to always ensure their safety first. Always make them use a car seat and fasten the buckle. Babies need to be in special carriers that have a buckle and strap whereas kids from 3-8 years have to be in booster seats. Booster seats are ideal for kids that are 4’9” and under. They might not be too excited about sitting in a booster seat all restrained but you can always say “My car my rules!” or simply tell them that the cops will catch us if we don’t comply. Child passenger safety is practiced in many states and can cost you up to $500 worth of fine if your kids are not deemed safe while you are driving. Many states also deduct points off your license, so save yourself the hassle.


Children love to munch on food constantly, especially in the car, because they get bored. Bring along some healthy snacks for them to eat in the car. Just schedule their snack time in the car so that they don’t finish everything off in the first few minutes.

Bathroom breaks

If you have kids that are old enough to be off diapers then don’t ignore your kids if they have to go to the bathroom. If they haven’t mentioned a need to go in an hour or more then stop over to make them go. Often times, kids ignore their own bathroom needs just because they are engrossed in playing games.

Frequent stops

It’s not just healthy for your kids but for you as well. Stopping frequently to stretch your muscles and getting some fresh air. This way, they won’t think that road trips are just sitting inside the car but it is also about exploring a new place.

Prepare for those sick times

Some children can’t handle car trips and get motion sickness, so keeping some extra bags if they have to throw up or any other medicines for their trips is important.

Kiddie entertainment

Kids are impatient because they have so many feelings and emotions all over the place and they can only be channeled positively through fun activities and games. If you are going on a short trip, engage with them in conversation or answer their questions. If it is a long trip then bring along their books or puzzles that they can do in the car.

Lastly, Please don’t leave your kids alone in the car while you make a quick stop to get something. Unless there is another adult in the car with them, it is your job to keep a watch over them. Also, leaving the kids and babies inside a hot car can cause serious health risks for them and they could pass out as well.