How do you find out how many points you have on your driver’s license?

How good of a driver are you?  Wondering how to measure your driving schools? Well, this is exactly what the point system is for – a means through which the state and hey ya, even the insurance companies can figure how good you are behind the wheel.

Though not available in every state, many of them do have a point system. Now if you incur a traffic ticket in these states for speeding, changing lanes unsafely, making a wrong U-turn, you are assigned points on your driving license.

Should you accumulate a significant number of these, insurance companies wouldn’t delay raising your premiums and charging you higher rates – especially if you get too many points in just a short time. What about the state? Do they sit quiet? Obviously not.  They begin a reevaluation of your driving privileges, and see if you are still fit for the license or not.  And if your points are way too much, then don’t get surprised when they suspend your license.

How do you know how much points do you currently have? And is there some way that you can bring them down?

Checking your points

Generally, a similar process is followed in each state for checking DMV points. Visit their website, and look around for a link that states driver’s license check or driver’s license status. Click the link, and provide all required information, usually your name, birthday, driving licenses and social security numbers.

In some states, there may be no way to check the points online. In that case, you’ll just have to reach out to a rep over the phone numbers given on the DMV website. You may even have to send in a written application or fill out a form.

Taking help form a third party services

If you are in a state, where checking points isn’t convenient, then you can take help from a third party service.   They’ll take care of all written requests, and then get back to you with your points record.

That being said, please keep in mind that you can get your driving record without paying a penny. But if you are too short of time or want to avoid the hassle, then you may want to go with a third party service.

Reducing your points

You can reduce your recently accumulated points by attending a traffic school. However, you’ll have to do this within a specific time period after seeking permission from the court or the points may become permanent. Also traffic scoops are eligible for specific violations only which don’t include any of the major ones.