How to Make More Money as an Uber Driver

So, you have become an Uber driver and you got yourself wondering if you can make more money simply by driving.  You must have heard stories of people claiming to make thousands of dollars every month just by being an Uber driver.

It might not be the best job in the world if you compare it with others, but it gets the money coming and improved your cash flow easily if you know how to drive and are good with customers. People prefer being an Uber driver these days because it pays more than an entry-level job.

If you prefer a stable income over professional growth then being an Uber driver might just be the job for you. If you are already an Uber driver but you don’t see the dollars rolling in as the way you expected to, you can use these tips to earn more money and get new customers.

Be Fed and Hydrated

It’s important to be satiated while you are driving for long hours and etching your way through traffic with different types of customers. Instead of wasting time by going to a place to eat and drink, you can readily have your snacks and drinks inside your car.


This does not mean you carry takeout or homemade food with you in your rides that fill up the car with the food smell. But it simply means to have something light to keep yourself from having hunger pangs while working. Keep a bag of chips and a bottle of water or juice always at hand to keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

It’s common sense to go to places where there is a lot of traffic and popular areas where you can pick up new customers easily, but that is a flawed strategy now. When a certain area has lots of Uber drivers, the surge pricing decreases, so you can’t charge extra or even a little bit higher than the usual amount.


The best way is to go to places that are not highly populated or used by Uber drivers, so you can make the right amount of money. Use popular areas only as a last resort if you can’t find any customers easily.

Increase the Surge Fares

This might seem like a tricky thing to do but it’s not wrong if you do it right. You can increase the surge fares of a certain area or timing by simply logging out of the app. If you log out of the app then the area will show less drivers and increase the fares. For example, if you know the fares get raised at 12 am midnight , just log out 15-20 minutes before that time. Log in after 12 and get customers based on the increased fares.

Get the Uber Passenger App

Get the regular Uber passenger app if you want to know about the level of competition in your area. By doing so, you can easily avoid those areas where there are a lot of Uber drivers already and get customers easily.