How much is a speeding ticket in Arizona?

We understand that you have a license that is valid in Arizona – or at least we hope you do – but that doesn’t give you a free ticket to risk your own life and the lives of other motorists on the streets of the state.

 We know that you probably love the thrill that comes with speeding, but you don’t need us to tell you how dangerous it can be especially if you’ve only recently learned how to drive.

The risk with speeding is just too great to take. Not only is the life of the speeder at risk, but other motorists, too, aren’t safe when someone is speeding on the streets. To deal with this risky act that puts the lives of so many at risk, motorists that are caught speeding in the state of Arizona are penalized.

Interested in finding out more about how these penalties for speeding work in the state of Arizona? Read on to find out everything you need to know about speeding tickets in Arizona and what you can do to avoid them.

How can you get caught speeding in Arizona?

Much like every other state, Arizona also has quite a few different ways in which speeding motorists can be caught.

The first of these methods is using traffic cameras. Whenever a motorist is speeding, traffic cameras record the speed of the vehicle along with all other details that will be required to issue a ticket to the motorist.

But that’s not all. Officers in Arizona can also penalize you for speeding in the state. There are certain rules that officers in the state must abide by. These rules and guidelines help officers decide how much they have to charge the motorist that was caught speeding.

How much are speeding ticket fines in the state, you ask?

The simple answer is that the amount you’ll have to pay depends on how much you exceeded the speeding limit. But don’t worry, we have the breakdown of the fines you’ll have to pay in the next section.

How much will I have to pay if I’m caught speeding in Arizona?

As mentioned earlier, the amount you’ll have to pay if you’re caught speeding varies. If you were going a mere 10 mph faster than the speed limit, you’ll have to pay $250.

And the amount rises pretty quickly.

You’ll be expected to pay $50 for every 5mph that you go over the initial 10mph. If you’re caught cruising at 20mph or more than the set speed limit, get ready to pay up to $200 more than the initial $250 that will come out of your wallet.

If you’re lucky enough to get caught speeding by a camera, your ticket will arrive in the mail and you’ll have to pay a fixed 165 dollars along with $30 as fees and surcharges.


Your best bet? Stop speeding.