Myths about Female Drivers Busted

It’s an old myth and a belief that is still passed on from generations that women are bad drivers. This couldn’t be further from the truth and is more of a joke that is in poor taste now. From popular shows to books and magazine, this old stereotype needs to be eliminated.

Some women actually believe this to be true and then this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy to them and they accept it. There are female pilots and astronauts operating complicated machines and tools, so why is the car still something people think they haven’t mastered?

Here we present some hard facts and truths that will debunk this myth and chuck it out the window forever:

Most of the accidents on roads are due to men

Statistically speaking, there are more car crashes done by men as compared to women. Of course, we also factor in the fact that there are more men drivers on the road but nonetheless that still doesn’t change the fact that women are responsible for only a fraction of accidents on the road. Men tend to get a tad bit more aggressive behind the wheel and take more risks hence the accidents. Also, it is more about an age or health issue rather than a gender issue.

There are more women drivers in driving schools

Men usually learn their driving from experimenting and hanging out with their friends, elder brothers or dads. Boys like to be in charge and cars have always given them that feeling of liberty. If you go to a driving school, you will notice that more than 70% of students are female. This is because when women want to learn something, they make sure they do it right and taking classes for driving seems like a good way about it.

Safety concerns

Only 15% of male drivers prefer buying safety cushions while over 90% of female drivers buy them. Women are always careful when it comes to driving and they first ensure that if they are travelling with kids, their seatbelts are on first. Studies have shown that female drivers are less likely to tailgate, cut across a yellow signal or overtake other cars in a lane as opposed to men. Women also tend to exhibit minimal road rage than men.

Women can’t handle a broken down car

You would be surprised to know that there are women mechanics popping up recently and they can handle the engine of the car quite well. Of course any lay man or woman can’t fix their own car in general. Men usually try to fix it on their own because they don’t want to take their car to a mechanic and pay a hefty bill. Women on the other hand, try don’t bother fixing the car because they know they can get someone else to do it. That doesn’t mean that they can’t.

Women can park like a pro

If you think women can’t park then the same goes for men. Not everyone is skilled in parking, especially when it comes to parallel parking. It takes practice and determination to master the art of parking a vehicle in a tight space without scratching any other car off.  Here’s an example below:

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So, if you want to prove this myth wrong to others then join a driving or traffic school today and see it for yourself.