Do Parking Violations Go On Your Record?

So you got a parking ticket, so what, right? Actually, while it may not seem like much of a problem, your failure to park properly can end up costing you a lot. That’s not only in a hefty penalty but it can be quite a major inconvenience for you as well. Imagine coming out to a note of your wind shield telling you that you need to park properly, now that’s annoying but when you come out to see that you need to pay a fine for your parking, even though you were very careful, now that’s a whole different level.

Most of the time, drivers aren’t even aware of why they get fined, they parked properly, everything was in order but oops! You missed out one minor detail: the red color. Living in California, you need to be very careful about the color schemes, they could cost you. For example, the red spot you parked on? That means you can’t stop or park in that specified are. That’s right, it really puts the whole, “I don’t know why I got fined” into perspective, doesn’t it?

Is your record in danger?

Now we come to the point of figuring out whether or not your driving record is in danger because of your parking violation. Actually, it’s only in danger if you fail to pay the fine on time. If you do it, however, you’ll be in good hands! However, as parking violation can cause other problems, some of which include:

Increased insurance rates

There’s one thing that needs special attention and that is your insurance. They basically strive on charging you based on your driving record and even a minor offence such as a parking violation can give them the leverage they need to increase the rates. However, this will also depend on the insurance company that you have. It will be of great help if you’re a long time costumer of the same insurance company. This will not affect your insurance premiums as much. However, other companies will make it a habit of increasing the rates, sometimes on a yearly basis as well if you’re prone to facing ticket violations.

Overdue parking violations      

Here’s a problem you’re known to face often if you’re not much into keeping track of your violations. These late fees can end up doubling the already high amount on your fine. If you’re a resident of California then you’ll have a window open for 21 days after which additional charges will apply. Apart from that, this will also leave a very bad effect on your driving record.

That means a fine+ additional charges+ increased insurance rates really isn’t worth all that trouble. If you get a parking violation then you’re basically inviting trouble to your doorstep. All you have to do is wave it goodbye, be very careful and make sure you pay up on time!