Quotes on Texting While Driving

Did you know that the count of people dying in the hands of distracted drivers is around 9 people per day? Oh yes, it’s not just the other person at risk, you’re granting yourself a free ticket to heaven as well! You have to admit though, there are better ways to go.

You know, there’s a chance that you’ll live and if you do live, you’ll live spending the rest of your life taking up the expenses of the people you posed harm to, if you’re into that kind of thing. But who’s to say? The text you were sending out might have been quite important to be done ASAP, so you’re not to blame. After all, if you missed out on saying goodbye, imagine what your last words would’ve been:

1. “I’ll see you in an hour”

…and he was never seen again…

I mean if the person didn’t get the hint that you’re driving at the time and needs a text back, you need to start looking for other, less clingy friends! We’ll give you this though, the vehicle you crashed into, they wouldn’t be too pleased to know that you cost them a loss just because you failed to say the goodbye earlier. May be, by chance, your luck decides to be disappointed in you and say “This person right here, they deserve the honor of going up top” Imagine, you’ll be sitting in heaven wishing you could go back and finish the level on Candy Crush.

Before the text even sends, you crash and your family decides to write this on your gravestone:

2. “Honk if you love Jesus, Text if you want to meet him…I texted”

Yup, you’re going to end up as a joke for any passerby’s but at least you’ll be making people laugh. That counts as a little bit of goodness for the major harm you’ve caused. The other people may not have died but they sure would have been hurt, just be glad you’re not alive to have to face the bill. Although, you might have put your family through trouble so at the end of the day, you may not be as loved as you think.

Alright, maybe you’ve learned your lesson, so you try not to distract yourself too much until one day someone comes up to you and says:

3. “I have no problem texting and driving, but I won’t text when I go down the stairs. That shit’s dangerous!”

You can’t help but agree to the sarcasm dripping in that. However, you should consider not texting and going down the stairs either, that’s quite dangerous too!

So next time you get a text when you’re driving, just keep in mind that it can wait. Don’t go about spending too much attention on pleasing the texting, focus your attention on the road ahead of you. That why remember kids: DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!