What is an Online Traffic School?

So you just encountered a traffic violation, and are now looking for a traffic school.  But unfortunately, you can’t squeeze in enough time to attend the classes. Does that mean you won’t be able to attend a traffic school, and get the points on your driving record hidden?

Not at all.  Find an online traffic school which is just as good, but allows you to complete the program at your own pace and in your own time. Attendance is still mandatory though, so you will have to attend all video lectures or finish all modules for completing the program.  Also please bear in mind that you have to finish this program before the deadline that the court has assigned to you, so don’t slack enough that you miss this date.

And yeah, you are right. Even if you decide to attend an online traffic program, you still have to show up at the court, and they’ll give you permission. You can attend driving only if you haven’t attended any in the past 18 months for a previous violation. Once you have permission from the court, you can find an approved course, and begin the program.

Finding an approved online school

Generally, your ticket should state your eligibility, but if it doesn’t, then contact the court that issued the ticket; the court should be printed on the ticket itself. Obviously, you should have a valid driving license, and meet some other requirements as well.

Generally, traffic schools are regulated. Whichever program you should, it should be approved. Check your ticket, and see if you can find a list of approved traffic schools.  If not, then check out the court website or contact them. What if there are several approved traffic schools? You can go with the one that charges a lower fee.

In some cases, the judge may already specify the traffic school that you should attend, which is good in the sense that you can skip the searching part.

Checking system requirements

Great, you have selected an online traffic school. Now what? Make sure that your laptop supports the program. If it doesn’t, then you should update your software or OS, borrow someone else’s laptop or find another program.

You obviously require a good internet connected, along with an updated browser and flash player.

Paying the fees

Traffic schools charge you a fee that is usually around $20 to $50.  And oh, this is in addition to the fines and courts. Yes, unfortunately, they don’t get waived off, just because you decide to attend an online traffic program!


Now take the program at your own pace, and when you are done, you should receive a certificate that you can forward to the court.